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10% Off Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash Service-Sbarkles

06/30/2016 03:11PM ● Published by Mark Mendelsohn

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At sBarkles, we care about your pet, both inside and out.

 We believe a clean pet is a healthy pet.  While this has been clinically proven in veterinary studies, we think it’s just common sense.  Pet owners  who ensure their pet is clean on an ongoing basis are much more likely to make their pets other health care needs a priority as well.  Which is why at sBarkles, we provide only healthy/holistic products as well, including food, treats, supplements and appropriately safe toys- suited to your pet.

 We also believe being a pet owner is a very cool thing to be.  Pets, like infants and toddlers, simply adore us!  They also rely almost entirely upon us for their care.

 Pets are our companions, running partners, listening posts and yes, our best friends! 

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